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The potential for solar energy is enormous
Solar PV in Boston
Offering small scale flat roof solar solutions for Boston

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Key features of our company


We will work with you to develop the optimal plan for solar photovoltaics for your building.


We have a long term commitment to affordable solutions for Boston's three decker housing stock.


We know Boston wood frame residential construction and can optomize a design that works for your roof.


The benefits of solar are long term. We are a local company offering long term support for your project.

We know buildings.

Boston wood frame construction has evolved over the past 200 years. Flat roof three deckers have evolved as well. Prior to the 1920's wall studs were available over 20' in length allowing for a construction technique known as ballon framing. Fire risk and material constaints caused innovation and change. Later tree deckers used a modified platform framing method.

Rooofing has evolved as well. Original roofs were tar and gravel, hot mopped tar over impregnated felt, ballasted with gravel. Newer roof systems are lighter and tighter. EPDM is the most prevalent type of roofing for Boston three deckers.

We offer a wealth of construction knowledge and expertise in evaluating your buildings load bearing capacity and suitability for flat roof solar. We have the products and materials to protect the health of your roofing system. In many cases we can provide ballasted solar solutions that avoid the need for penetration of the roofing membrane.



Local roots, experience and skill.

Tim McKenna

CEO & Founder

Licensed builder in Massachusetts and Boston for over 20 years. Expert in wood frame construction and in affordable housing construction for 1st time homeowners.

Noah McKenna

Crew Supervisor

Experienced in environmentally appropriate design and construction. Great team builder, leader and developer of a skilled local workforce.

Peri Levin

Offic Manager

Peri has deep roots in the local Boston community and is committed and responsive to our clients concerns.


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